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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Garments Merchandiser

Merchandising Department :

The team should to be smart, active and energetic players with well planed tracking records.

The team should always enjoy the work and improve their skill to lead the factory.

The team leader should be skill enough to lead the team better way to succeed.

The team should have good manner and attitude while working.

Have to be honest, sincere and polities with the management while working in.

Have no necessary to talk loud and explain lot and just need to focus on their attention on the duty.

video: Concept of Garments Merchandising.

Key points for responsibilities as follows:

  • Merchandiser manager have to set time line everyday for merchandiser to update their T & A check list.
  • Merchandiser manager have to discuss with FGM morning with T & A that have problems.
  • Merchandiser should keep watching the materials ETA /ETD dates and documents are clear.
  • Every day keep watching the accessories/ trims that receive in-house on time.
  • Each merchandiser should have their own tracking record for sample and production status. to ensure their order can ship on time.
  • There should be master file for reference containing all art work / print /Emb/ fabric shade / all approval from buyer end.
  • Trim card has to be prepared and two set have and sent to buyer end for approval. Then make sure one set with approval will be return during receiving pp sample.
  • Have to make sure all accessories / trims and fabrics will reach in-house before two weeks to start production.
  • Make sure trims are ordered more enough to make their samples like PP test / Top test can be prepared and submit on time.
  • Once received any comments from Buyer should not forget to give the latest comment to sample room for correction…. Not so late.
  • The comments from buyer that received should be clearly explained to sample in-charge to understand.
  • All required samples should be submitted to buyer on within time line to get approval.
  • All pp test / top test / TGCC approval sheet one set should be in QC file before offering final inspection.
  • Fabric cutting summery sheet have to ‘FILL IN’   the estimated marker and booked fabric width for all body / trim fabrics.
  • FGM and Merchandiser have to be aware that cutting in-charge makes the actual marker perfectly because booked consumption is higher so he make extra for his safety.

Few more basis points … 

  • PP meeting have to start   two days  before  start   cutting.
  • During  PP Meeting   swatch  cards , approved  samples with  buyer  comments , order  file,QC file, cutting summery sheet filled  should  be  presented by concern merchandiser.
  • During  PP Meeting   sample head , QC  head , production  head ,cutting  head ,packing  head and concern  merchandiser  should  be  presented  and discuss  all  critical areas of the style.
  • Acc / Trim  that  are  going  directly  to subcon  should  be  informed  to  the  QC Head  for  making  arrangements  to  check  its  received as  per  the requirement.
  • Acc / Trims  that  are   sending  to  subcon  directly  also  should  inform  the store  head  to  maintain the inventory  record.
  • Inform  the  subcon  those   receive  the  trims  directly  should   confirm  our  main store  within 24hrs  once  receive the acc/trims.
  • The cutting  will start pilot cutting  before start  bulk  so  should  not  give  any  instruction to Cutting head  to go  for bulk directly. This has  to follow  even for subcon  process also.
  • The  first production    samples  has to be  checked   measurement  before  wash  and after wash  and  adjust  the pattern  when  require. Once confirm all are ok then have to give instruction  to  go  for  bulk.